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A non-profit organization 
								  created to educate the public about the hearing issues, needs and 
								  limitations specific to ALL children in EVERY classroom setting 
								  and to advocate the integration of sound enhancement technology 
								  to compensate for those auditory learning problems and increase 
								  opportunity for successful academic achievement.

Our Mission

To provide an educational service about the auditory issues unique to ALL children in a classroom setting and to advocate for the integration of wireless teacher voice enhancement technology (referred to as sound enhancement) to increase student achievement and improve teacher instruction.

Auditory learning comprises up to 75% of a child's day in school and relies on two essential components:

  1. The child's hearing ability.
  2. Classroom acoustics.

If either is compromised, so is the child's ability and desire to learn.

Please note: the term Sound Enhancement Technology or Sound Enhancement System (SES) is often referred to as sound amplification, sound distribution, and sound field technology. The terms can be used interchangeably; however, we prefer the term "enhancement" because it is a more accurate description of the overall benefits. This technology enhances the quality of the teacher's voice, enhances the student's acoustic accessibility to their teacher and peers, and therefore enhances the learning experience and subsequent academic potential.