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A non-profit organization 
								  created to educate the public about the hearing issues, needs and 
								  limitations specific to ALL children in EVERY classroom setting 
								  and to advocate the integration of sound enhancement technology 
								  to compensate for those auditory learning problems and increase 
								  opportunity for successful academic achievement.

Our Services

ECH has two purposes that are byproducts of our mission. The first is to educate, the second is to advocate. We combine these in the form of an educational service that is customized into three distinct programs directed at specific audiences:

  • General Public Education (G.P.E.)
  • Current Teacher In-Service Training
  • Prospective Teacher Preparation Program

A description of these three program areas is as follows:

General Public Education (G.P.E.)
This general education is conveyed to a wide range of users with various backgrounds and perspectives including: parents, teachers, school administrators, school boards, politicians, and the public at large. We accomplish this service primarily through our website that provides an independent source of comprehensive information to all types of users, and we convey information through various media outlets including television interviews and featured articles in local and national publications. These articles/interviews are available to read and view on our website, http://www.classroomhearing.org/media.html. We make these articles and our brochures available not only to educate the primary user, but to empower that user with advocacy tools that can be carried forward.

As part of our G.P.E., ECH has worked with PTA’s to educate its leaders and members. In 2007, we authored the Classroom Auditory Learning Resolution that was adopted by the National PTA. We continue to offer services to the state and National PTAs in an effort to fulfill the education obligations under that resolution.

We also give interactive presentations to specific audience segments at educational conferences and events, such as the National School Boards Association annual convention in April 2009.

These G.P.E. services are provided at no cost to the public whenever possible; therefore, we rely heavily on public donations and corporate contributions to support this program. (You can donate here)

Current Teacher In-Service Training
This program is accomplished in the form of an interactive workshop provided on-site to teachers currently working in the profession. This professional development program is directed at teachers with and without access to sound enhancement technology, given by someone who is a teacher themselves.

For those teachers that already have access to sound enhancement systems, our workshop provides an education on the rationale behind the technology and the NEED to consistently use that technology to ensure that every student in the classroom has acoustic accessibility to the teacher’s voice. Research suggests that on-going in-service training should be available to teachers to increase consistent use of the equipment and to maximize return on an investment that has already been made. As part of our workshop, we will discuss problems and issues that may be preventing some teachers from fully utilizing their teacher microphones and the hand-held student microphones. Through group interaction, we will strategize new and more efficient uses to work out problems and situations where the technology is not being correctly and consistently used. Our education and group discussions are much more than those provided by the companies upon equipment installation. Our non-profit independent motives remove the skepticism that often prevents teachers from ‘listening’ and learning why they need to enhance their voice.

Our presentation to groups of teachers that do NOT currently have access to sound enhancement systems serves to educate them about the auditory learning issues that diminish children’s ability and desire to learn. This education helps to prevent incorrect labeling of students’ abilities and behaviors. It also educates the teachers about scientific benefits of using sound enhancement systems in the classroom; therefore, increasing receptiveness for this new educational tool when it becomes available.

Please contact us to schedule a workshop/presentation session in your school or district, and specify if the audience already has access to sound enhancement technology.

Prospective Teacher Preparation Program
Option 1: This program consists of an interactive lecture style format given to undergraduate and graduate college/university students preparing for a career in education. A ninety minute presentation discusses the three primary reasons why normal hearing students miss up to one-third of their teacher’s verbal instruction, the consequences of their inability to hear in the classroom, and a scientifically based solution. This information and the interactive discussion taps into the progressive innovative minds of students preparing for a new career. At the end of the presentation, they will be more informed about the auditory learning issues facing their future students than most of those teachers currently in the profession. Understanding how children hear and process what they hear in the classroom is crucial BEFORE one steps into the classroom for the first time. Teachers commonly make incorrect judgments about students’ behaviors, attitudes, and abilities because they lack the understanding of how children hear differently than adults and how poor acoustics in today’s classrooms exacerbate those differences having a direct negative impact on academic achievement. Our presentation serves to increase their knowledge and awareness of these important auditory considerations which WILL impact their future careers.

Your factual presentation and informative website have increased our awareness of hearing problems and our roles as future professionals in intervening and addressing auditory issues in the classroom.Jonelle E. Pool, Ph.D. Chair and Associate Professor, Education Department at Gettysburg College, PA.

There is NO fee for this presentation. However, we do require that colleges/universities reimburse any travel expense (in excess of 50 miles) incurred in connection with the presentation AND we ask the college/university to consider making a donation to our non-profit organization to help further our mission (suggested amount between $500 and $1,000.)

Please contact us to schedule a presentation session at your college or university.

Option 2: Purchase a complete curriculum written on this topic.  Contact us for more information.