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How We Got Started

The Institute for Enhanced Classroom Hearing (ECH) was formed and legally incorporated in Maryland in July 2006 and declared a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization by the IRS. ECH was formed by Suzanne DeMallie, a parent, who learned about these auditory issues that affect EVERY child’s academic potential simply through her own investigation into documented research. As critical as these issues are to every child’s academic success, she found that few people (including parents and teachers) beyond the researchers and audiologist were aware of these problems that plague every child, every day, in every classroom.

The ECH mission developed when Suzanne began to educate the Baltimore County Board of Education in the spring of 2005 and advocated for the integration of sound enhancement technology to compensate for poor acoustics, immature auditory capabilities, and the multitude of hearing problems prevalent amongst the k-12 student population. After ten months, the Baltimore County Board of Education proposed $400,000 in their 2006 operating fiscal budget for sound enhancement technology.

Because these issues affect EVERY child, EVERY day, in EVERY classroom, Suzanne wanted to carry the message forward on a national level, so that all parents, teachers, politicians, and taxpayers could become aware of these very important auditory issues which have significant implications on the success of our national education system.

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